Brian Simser

Hello, my name is Brian!

I started my yoga practice in the late 2000s as an additional form of exercise. Having no idea what I was getting myself into, from the beginning I knew it was something that made my body and mind feel good. I continued a committed regular practice leading to Costa Rica in 2017, where I became a Global Alliance Certified Teacher trained in Holistic Yoga with Soma Institute.

Yoga to me is in everything.  It’s breathing, it’s when we are internally and externally kind. It’s in these words, the time I take to reflect before I type them. It’s smiling on the world and noticing when the world smiles back. It is the positive and negative of the universe. It is the trees, fields and oceans, it is something that starts at the very center of everything and encompasses all without discrimination. It is downward dog and it is the strongest something that is inside each and every one of us. By definition Yoga is a Sanskrit word that translates to union, to me this means connection. By practicing this connection, we learn we will never have the perfect breathing technique or that we are not always kind. But, overtime we learn to see it (Yoga) happening everywhere and we get closer to our true self and purpose.

I come from a very competitive and athletic background, I like to move and be physically challenged. So these days I would be categorized as a "Power or Hatha" type yogi. But, I also like to love so I take time to rest and be mindful of spreading love internally and externally in my classes.


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