Hi my name is Dhavna!

Yin Certified 

    I was born and raised in Hamilton Ontario and currently live our Nations Capital - Ottawa. Yoga has been a part of my life since I was young. I never took it seriously at the time. It wasnt until I was an adult that I realized that yoga was my go to for comfort, and relaxation. Whenever I was stressed or sad or anxious, yoga was always there for me. After years as a personal trainer and team coach, which focused on harder, heavier, or very strenuous exercise, I learned to appreciate the soft, meditative importance of Yoga in day to day life.       

    Yoga is not just a class of stretching. It teaches us about our own body, who we are, and what we are capable of. What I love about yoga is that it can provide whatever the body or mind seeks, or requires at that time, be that strength, endurance, flexibility, or escape. 

    Yoga has taught me that everyone can benefit from this practice. It is up to us to open our minds and allow the universe to guide us. 

    Yin Certified, my style is Hatha flow with emphasis on strength and restorative. My expectations with regard to those approaching yoga, (of any type or exercise) is to have fun, with it! 


Dhavna Ramessur

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